XO-1.75 progress

NoiseEHC NoiseEHC at freemail.hu
Thu Nov 11 03:21:19 EST 2010

 > OLPC Engineering had a trip to Taipei for the XO-1.75 motherboard
 > bringup last week.  The 1.75 machine lives in the same industrial
 > design (display, case, batteries) as the XO-1/XO-1.5, but uses an
 > ARM system-on-chip from Marvell -- the Armada 610/MMP2.

Now that is good news.

Two questions:

Here (under Tech Specs)
it specs the 10" tablet with an ARMADA 168. Why did not you go with that 
processor? Would not that be cheaper?

What happened to the bigger display and the touch panel plan? As I see 
on the pictures the machines have the old 7.5" display.


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