[Alpha release] DevTutor activity

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Sun Nov 7 19:52:52 EST 2010

> We look forward to hearing your feedback and experience

I'm not sure what the *purpose* of a 'tutor' should be.  But - since I
did not go look for additional documentation (e.g., in the wiki) - I
myself was unable to figure out "how to learn by using this Activity".

In sugar 0.84 on XO-1, DevTutor-1 would not launch (ImportError: No
module named toolbarbox).  In sugar 0.90 on XO-1, the activity launched,
and showed me various menus (occupying the whole DevTutor window area).

Proceeding from the 'Show modules' menu entry -
the only place where it showed any *detail* was as examples of some
"widgets" - without "tutoring' (i.e., without explanation).

Proceeding from the 'Show activities' menu entry -
I was given the choice of examining two Activities.  Took me a long time
to figure out that the various 'Steps' added code (unexplained) to the
basic Activity structure, and that 'Show res' <Mikus note: NOT a typo>
opened *another* session in which the output of that now-changed
Activity's code was displayed.  [Ergonomic note:  The only way to exit
from this additional session was to click on the octagonal stop sign (or
on Stop in the palette of that session's icon in Frame) - that caused
the 'keep' window to be shown, and subsequently an additional entry to
be recorded in the Journal !!]

I was never clear on whether what occupied the DevTutor window area was
"all that there was" (or if more would have been visible if only the
screen were larger).  The only place where I saw scrollbars was within
the "another activity's session" window.


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