[Sugar-devel] ANNOUNCE: Sugar 0.88 for the XO-1

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Mon May 31 15:40:12 EDT 2010

> It would be good to improve the situation, but as was discussed in the
> past, yum does not seem to work very well on the XO. Manually tracking
> the relevant upstream security updates would require some effort.

My own preference is to not work with "static" software - but to apply
as many updates as possible.  [On the hope that more existing bugs are
being fixed than new bugs being introduced.]  Accordingly, I constantly
use yum to apply whatever RPMs are available in the usual repositories.

The only time this got me into trouble was when I had to revert to an
older "OLPC" Network Manager (though its package name omitted the string
'olpc'). because at that time the more-recent "Fedora" Network Manager
lacked some code that the OLPC depended upon.  [I also make sure to NOT
apply a "plain" kernel if a build was originally compiled to include an
"olpc" kernel.]

I run my XO systems with an external swap partition (and with enough
room in /var/cache/yum) - and yum works well for me even when applying
more than 70 package updates at one time.


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