[Tecnologia] Adaptación de cargador múltiple, by CATS.

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Sun May 30 10:47:17 EDT 2010

El Wed, 12-05-2010 a las 16:49 -0400, Fernando Luis González Arriola
> Hoy, con el esfuerzo de todo el TEAM, pudimos lograr hacer (o mejor
> dicho adaptar) un mega cargador, que se puede utilizar tranquilamente
> hasta con 9 equipos a la vez (quizás más), aquí van las fotos.

Fernando, it would be great if we could describe this project in detail
for the Paraguay Educa wiki.

I think we should have:

 - some of the photos you attached

 - photos of the internals, showing how the wires are soldered

 - a description of the wiring

 - specs of the PC power supply

 - tell how many laptops you could charge

 - warnings and special notes

Then, someone could translate it to English and publish it on
wiki.laptop.org. It would be good publicity for CATS :-)

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