[OT] Does ad-hoc network depend on "security through obscurity ?"

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Sun May 30 05:38:37 EDT 2010


I've been currently using an Ad-Hoc wireless network (set up by clicking
in an XO's palette at the gray icon in Frame) for testing collaboration.
 That network is performing well, and has been reliable.

But this was on channel 1.  Can neighbors (or drive-bys) connect to it?
And what is my legal liability if they do?

[In the news there has been a story about a German court holding someone
responsible for having an "unprotected" home wifi, to which someone else
connected, and used to download copyrighted material without permission.
Also a story about the vehicles Google used to capture images for its
"StreetView" mapping service -- apparently they in addition recorded the
locations of the "wifi hotspots" they encountered.]


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