os240py - collaboration over wireless

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Sat May 29 16:19:55 EDT 2010

Simple test of collaboration using two Sugar-0.88_on_F11 XO-1 systems:

I don't know why os240py has three 'Mesh' icons in Neighborhood View.
The systems connected automatically on Mesh channel 1 -- they showed
each other in Neighborhood View, and I could 'ping' between them.

BUT, Activities seemed unable to use this 'Mesh' connection.  [For
instance, Chat-66 came up as "off-line" - and I appeared to have NO WAY
to change that status.]  I was able to make the two systems "Friends" of
each other;  I was able to extend invitations via Friends View between
systems -- but although the invitee could launch the indicated Activity,
there was no collaboration - the respective Activities were not in
communication with each other - very frustrating.  [When "Neighborhood"
sharing was activated for an Activity, the "Join this" icon did NOT
appear in the Neighborhood View of the other system.]

I then, on one system, clicked on 'Create new wireless network' in the
palette on the gray circle in Frame bottom -- that assigned the same IP
address (on the new network) as was being shown on the 'Mesh' icon in
Frame -- and set up a NEW network icon in the Neighborhood Views of both
systems.  On the other system I clicked on this new icon in Neighborhood
View - that assigned the same IP address (on the new network) as was
being shown (on that other system) on the 'Mesh' icon in Frame.

Now, Activities were able to make use of this "new" network connection.
 I tested Chat-66 and Write-67.  Collaboration worked as I expected.

Given that system-to-system collaboration works on the "new" wireless
network, and appears NOT to work on the 'Mesh' network -- why provide an
obsolete interface that serves primarily to cause frustration in users ?


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