Free software for an ARM tablet?

imm ian.m.macarthur at
Sat May 29 07:43:33 EDT 2010

I don't have a voice here, but I have spent a while playing with  
Moblin (and more recently MeeGo), and also with the Android SDK's.
(Caveat: this was for an experimental platform I have been trying  
out; I have actually written exactly 0 useful apps with either  

FWIW, then, I'd suggest that MeeGo is a substantially better fit for  
Sugar than Android is.

That's just my opinion, of course, and carries no weight, but I felt  
I had to say something here; Android seems to have a lot of buzz  
around it, but it's not really all that much like a stock linux, in  
awkward and irritating ways, and I am not persuaded of it's  

(As for MeeGo, I quite liked Clutter, but it seems to be relegated to  
a secondary role now.)

On the plus side, it does seem that all the "phone" OS vendors are  
doing a lot of groundwork to make the Sugar-style "one whole screen  
app at a time" approach acceptable to end users. Even the iPad helps  
in that regard, I guess..

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