[Sugar-devel] ANNOUNCE: Sugar 0.88 for the XO-1

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Wed May 26 09:31:43 EDT 2010

El Wed, 26-05-2010 a las 09:29 +0100, Peter Robinson escribió:

> > I'm happy to hear this. F14 may bring interesting changes for the XO1,
> > can we hope that support for the Geode won't have been dropped by
> > then?
> There was a bug report [1] that was filed about it to do with glibc.
> Since I last looked at the bug there was an update added mentioning a
> kernel patch [2] to fix the problem. So by the look of it we could
> actually get it supported in F-13 with little effort once that patch
> has been accepted upstream. Yay!

More than a bugfix, this is a work-around for the Geode not being fully
compatible with the instruction set which Fedora is compiled for.

Emulating the missing NOPL opcode in a kernel trap handler is going to
be 10-100 times slower than the original instruction sequence. Let's
just hope that GCC doesn't have the habit of generating any of these
inside tight loops.

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