Interesting repair/modifying material

Nate Theis natetheis at
Thu May 13 10:38:50 EDT 2010

It's called Sugru ( and it's quite intriguing. Basically,
it's a putty-like stuff that cures into a soft silicone rubber. It also
sticks to most things while it's not cured (but after curing is not sticky.)

Ideas for using this related to OLPC:

Put some on the bottom of an XO. The Nigerian deployment, I seem to
remember, was having problems with laptops slipping. Well, I've played
around with this stuff, and if you put a few big spots on, your XO's not
going anywhere.

Fix keyboards. It cures into silicone, and doesn't offgas acetic acid.

Fix cracked cases.

Even more drop-protection: go around the sides with a big thick layer of
Sugru (but watch out for the seams!)

More waterproofing for the display: Put a layer around the metal part of the
display, facing forwards. Don't put the display back into the XO until it
cures, or it'll make the display non-removable. Now you can splash near
anything right on the display and not worry about anything.

Nope, I'm not getting paid to plug this stuff, I just think it's
awesome. You can't buy it right now, unfortunately, they're out of stock.
But their slogan is "Hack things better", so someone at OLPC might want to
get in touch with them.

- Nate
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