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On Thu, May 13, 2010 at 09:24:17AM -0400, John Watlington wrote:

>> FWIW, I've also used a ATX power supply to power an XO-1, but stopped 
>> doing so once I discovered why the XO-1.5 would run from it: Being a 
>> cheap model, it regulated only the 5V rail, so the 12V rail dropped 
>> down to 9V with a switched-on XO-1 connected to it. The XO-1 barely 
>> coped (the power light started flickering some time ago, probably due 
>> to the power supply aging and delivering an even lower voltage than 
>> before) and the XO-1.5 (without MPPT ECO) didn't like it at all 
>> (whining noise, LED off).
>> Summary: If you're trying to replicate this setup, make sure your PC 
>> power supply regulates the 12V rail (just hook up some load and check 
>> the voltage).

> Many higher power supplies like AT/ATX power supplies don't
> work properly when unloaded.   I bet if you draw a couple of
> amps from the +5V supply, you would find that the +12V supply
> starts working fine.
In what way is that different from what I wrote? Or are you saying that 
once I draw a certain amount of current from the 5V rail, the 12V one 
will be properly regulated (i.e. keeping the voltage stable at 12V +/- 
10% regardless of the current draw on the 12V rail)?

CU Sascha

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