Idle-suspend a little too intrusive to user experience?

Paul Fox pgf at
Tue May 11 21:07:55 EDT 2010

john wrote:
 > Is OLPC's Idle-Suspend not waking up the machine when the next process
 > wants to run?  No wonder you're having all these problems where it suspends
 > and doesn't come back.  Don't fix it with 27 kludge patches (to audio
 > players, to network managers, etc), just fix the kernel so the suspend
 > ends when the next process wants to run.

to be clear, there aren't 27 kludge patches to applications.  in
fact, i only know of one, and it was unnecessary, in retrospect.

daniel has now reported a couple of instances of things that
sound suspicious in terms of unwanted suspends during both video
and audio playback that need to be looked into.  but the biggest
problem area in terms of suspending and not coming back is the
network, and without "wake-on-precisely-what-i'm-waiting-for",
that's problematic.

 paul fox, pgf at

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