information is not current

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Mon May 10 20:09:04 EDT 2010

>> This morning (US Central Time), when I access
>> the most recent entry it shows me is from May 7.
>  I see most recent activity #10154 on 05/11/10 (5th November for
>  me), then 05/08/10 (8th May) has #10153, #10152, and #10151. 
>  That's with "Ticket changes" only ticked.
> I get more if I click on "Ticket details".

Thank you.  I had not noticed that "Ticket details" used to be checked
-- but then when I restarted my desktop, it no longer was.

I checked "Ticket details", and now I do see the entries for May 9.

Thanks again,  mikus

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