XO 1.5 frequency scaling

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> martin wrote:
>  >
>  > Running powertop on your machine is hugely informational once you've
>  > read the powertop website docs.
> re: powertop -- with silbe's help our battery driver now provides
> enough of the expected properties under /sys to let powertop make
> crude power measurements [1].  you have to build from their svn,
> though, because of a bug that's not normally exposed on machines
> using the ACPI driver.  (to clarify -- i have the fix -- it's not
> in their svn repo yet -- i need to send it in.)
> but as richard implied, a tool like powertop won't help you tune
> your laptop much, since it only measures what happens when it's
> running.  we save so much power with aggressive S3 that the changes
> from P-states, and to some extent C-states, are in the noise.

I see, cool. I must say I'm very surprised by how long the XO 1.5 can hold
the battery when it's suspended. I have yet to mod my B2 with the wireless
ECO and since it always turns off wireless when suspended IIRC it used like
12% of the battery while suspended for 8 hours. Must check this again, it
seemed too good to be true and a great work on the power management details!

Best regards,

> paul
> [1] richard's logs and tools are far more informative, but it's
> fun watching the powertop numbers change.
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