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On Sun, May 2, 2010 at 1:32 PM, Benjamin M. Schwartz
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> I have a XO-1.5 (C2 I think).  I logged out of my ssh account, closed
> it up, took it to the airport, turned it on, and it wouldn't find a
> wifi network.  Linux didn't see a network interface, or even try to
> load libertas.  OFW's wlan test fails because it doesn't find the card.
> Maybe the card came unseated? Maybe this is a since-resolved
> manufacturing problem? My screwdriver is six time zones away, so I
> can't diagnose further right now.

Ok did you put the system to sleep or reboot it?

I am trying to figure out myself where the card is. The olpc's lspci
do not show where it is ( though they also do not really identify most
fo the devices beyond VIA device... need to figure out to make that

However I did see that lshal shows some stuff its still there
physically. On my system (unknown 1.5 .. need to figure out how to get
what version it is) it is under


I would do a 'find /sys/devices/pci*/ | grep mmc_host' to see whats
being seen there.. Hope this helps somewhat.

> --Ben
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