New XO-1.5 10.2.0 build 122

Chris Ball cjb at
Sat May 1 21:38:11 EDT 2010

Compressed image size: 677.68mb (-0.70mb since build 121)

Description of changes in this build:
 * kernel, #10137: correct camera framerate setting (note, this version
                   of the patch may break the camera fps on XO-1)
 * record, #10045: Fix sync issues by moving to dsd's Record-74.
 * olpc-runin-tests: update from rsmith
 * olpc-powerd, #10129: fix a bug that could cause unwanted idle-suspend
 * olpc-update: fix param order for check_stolen_hash()
 * Upgrade to firmware Q3A37.
 * Pull F11 updates.

Package changes since build 121:


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