SSE/SSE2 support in os116

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Tue Mar 30 23:00:39 EDT 2010

Happened to run an older version of mplayer on os116 on XO-1.5, and it
claimed "SSE supported but disabled" (also for SSE2).  So I looked in
some Linux forums, and saw there: "CPUID will tell you whether the CPU
supports SSE/SSE2, but not the OS.  The OS (linux in this case) can have
SSE and/or SSE2 disabled."

I looked in the config file residing in the boot directory in os116, but
saw nothing there about the enabling of SSE or SSE2 (not even of MMX).

My question -- was the older mplayer mistaken -- or is SSE/SSE2 actually
disabled in os116 ?


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