ANNOUNCE: New F11 XO-1build 115 Paraguay

Bernie Innocenti bernie at
Fri Mar 26 13:47:33 EDT 2010

This is a custom XO-1 OS image released by the Paraguay Educa technology
team for field testing in Caacupé:

The system is a derivative of Stephen Parrish's excellent F11-XO1
series, frozen a few weeks ago to concentrate on stability and field
testing. Our short-term goal is to meet a release criteria of "no
regressions against build 801". Once this is done, we'll re-sync with
the latest improvements from our upstreams, F11-XO1.5 and F11-XO1.

== Changes relative to the previous release (OS65 Paraguay) ==

 * Removed all translations except English and Spanish to save space

 * 3G broadband support (untested, probably buggy)

 * Pick up all fixes from fedora-updates

 * Add patent-encumbered multimedia codecs (gstreamer-plugins-bad)

== Bugs fixed ==

 * Write activity doesn't let you cut, paste or delete selection

 * Robot function in Speak does not work

 * Graphics artifacts with some GMail backgrounds

 * Black GTK buttons in Gnome and elsewhere

 * Keyboard misconfigured if A/C is unplugged on first boot after update

 * NetworkManager crashes on suspend/resume
   (we have only a temporary work-around, tch is working on a solution)

 * Disable "automatic power management" even on first boot
   (this is a temporary work-around for wi-fi and XVideo bugs)

 * Activities updates from ASLO should go through local mirror

== Known bugs ==

Remaining bugs are summarized here:

In particular, these are the remaining *known* regressions wrt the
old stable build from OLPC (OS801 Paraguay):

 * Record does not record sound

 * NetworkManager crashes on resume from suspend
   We have an temporary workaround. See thread with subject
   "NetworkManager from fedora-updates-testing broken on
   F11-XO1" for full details.

Many more bugs are likely to be filed over the next days, as our testing
team works through their test plan.

== How to help testing ==

Feedback from the entire community is of course welcome as well. Bugs
belonging to upstream components should be filed in the usual trackers:

 * Sugar and activities:
 * Fedora 11:
 * Drivers and OLPC customizations:
 * Paraguay-specific bugs:

If you're unsure where a bug belongs to, use the Paragauy Educa bug
tracker. Please, always cc me so I can keep the status summary updated.

We're unlikely to dedicate much attention to bugs affecting Gnome and
obscure activities with no active maintainer, but it's good to stay
informed on what's broken anyway. For everything else, we'll do our
best, with the help of OLPC, Fedora, and Sugar Labs.

== How to join development ==

Build system source:

Yum Repository of our custom RPMs:

   // Bernie Innocenti -
 \X/  Sugar Labs       -

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