guaranteed gorgeous XO-1.5/Sugar intro..thx to Mike Lee's VISUALS..and you!

Holt holt at
Thu Mar 25 01:54:47 EDT 2010

Pretty stunning visual map, to gear us all up for this weekend's 
"bookwriting" sprint in Washington DC:

Check out Mike Lee screenshot gallery too:

Thanks everybody for jumping in to DC/Virginia this weekend Mch 27/28 to 
quick overhaul -- and thanks to for getting the world out!!

*(Remote participants please now email holt @ and curiouslee 
@ so we know your favorite piece of the pie :)*

 * See you in person 9am - 7pm Saturday and Sunday, in-person or online
 * Midday conf-calls (expected 12noon DC Time, both Sat & Sun) will keep 
everyone happy & on task
 * George Hunt and I will be arriving from NYC very late Friday night, 
for our early Saturday morning start!
 * All participants self-register the chunk you want to contribute, and 
your needs -- click "Edit" here:
 * LukeF will complement this with a LIVE-EDITABLE Table of Contents 
scratchpad. link to follow, All Check In Here & Prettify 
 * translations will begin in earnest Sunday PM, as pages are finalized 
around the English Master Copy
 * Live chat will be here: (that's #olpc-help)
 * Don't hesitate to use our mailing list library at 
whenever you get complete stuck--
 * Full logistics evolving here: (help 
us edit!)
 * Several brand new much faster XO-1.5's will be available for hands-on 
play and test!
 * In return you will drive forward overhauling one of  XO-1 pages here:
 * Whether or not can book the Peace Corps HQ for Saturday night's 
catered ballroom banquet....HAH

Ready to Jump Start this document overhaul right now?  Go to it 
redrafting bits of with 
more recent developments from in mind -- and fresh 
tips beow from our electrical power expert Richard Smith (who separately 
will be co-presenting solar options for the XO-1 and XO-1.5 Sunday April 
4th if you can attend, 4PM in Boston!)

Subject: 	LED indicator notes. [March 16, 2010]
From: 	Richard A. Smith <richard at>

Here's an update for the battery LED's..

What other pages do I need to look at?

What does the battery indicator-light color mean?

- green means the laptop is plugged in and the battery is fully charged;

- yellow/orange means the laptop is plugged in and the battery is charging;

- A pattern of 4 yellow/orange flashes followed by no light means that 
the battery is trickle charging.  Trickle charging means your battery 
was very, low. Normal charging will start when trickle is over.

- no light when the laptop is powered on means it is running on battery 

- no light when the laptop is powered off means the battery is not 

- red means the battery is low; it should be recharged.

- red/yellow alternating means that the laptop battery has reached the 
critical level and can shut off any instant.

- flashing red mean battery error.

How long should a fully charged battery last?

With standard operation, the battery should last approximately 3--5

( This is more like 2.5 - 3 hours)

 Certain applications, such as video, may reduce overall battery 
performance. Turning the backlight off saves battery power. (Future 
software releases are expected to improve battery life.)

Richard A. Smith  <richard at>
One Laptop per Child

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