RFC: change to XO sleep behavior

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Wed Mar 24 01:19:26 EDT 2010

> what do you think?  'a' or 'b'?

As long as the possibility exists to manually edit a configuration file,
I myself will change the sleep behavior to be like 'before'.

I do not care whether it takes a keystroke, or pushing the CPU button,
to wake from 'sleeping' -- I'll learn through experience.  However, I do
not favor using the keypad for wake-up.  All too often, my wrists stray
onto the keypad - and having the system wake up from inadvertent hand
placement might be a distraction.

Something I can NOT get used to is the current very short time before
suspend.  I normally use an external keyboard, and lately the XO has
even dropped USB power (i.e., stopped accepting keystrokes) before I
could finish typing in the __name__ that a new installation asks for.
I have to cudgel my brain to remember, at installation time, to get as
quickly as possible into "My Settings" and deactivate suspend -- else
the XO is sure to unexpectedly suspend while I am trying to apply my
usual customizations (including suspend timing changes) to a new build.

Regarding wake-up from a dimmed/blank screen -- likely the "normal" user
behavior is always to press <shift>.  If no screen reaction is seen, say
within a second, the user will then probably push on the power button.

[If the screen is not dimmed, the user would probably not realize
whether the CPU is asleep or not (i.e., he would NOT be paying attention
to any LED behaviors) -- and would continue typing, in the expectation
that all of his input characters would be used.]

I do have to mention one caveat -- at least once, when an XO dropped USB
power on me *while* I was trying to enter customization commands, and my
finger slipped on the power button -- the XO apparently thought I had
"double pushed" (once to request it to show the "suspend choice" panel,
and immediately again to indicate "shutdown") -- and it powered down
completely.  Please - make sure that it takes a multi-second duration of
the power button to perform a *complete* shutdown.


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