RFC: change to XO sleep behavior

Chris Ball cjb at laptop.org
Tue Mar 23 15:23:22 EDT 2010


   >     further, if you choose 'a': are you comfortable having two

I think this is "if you choose 'b'".

   > laptop states: - dark screen wakeable from keyboard - dark screen
   > _not_ wakeable from keyboard that are visually indistinguishable?
   > is it worth adding yet another LED blink behavior to
   > differentiate these states?

I'd be comfortable with it, and it doesn't seem worth adding another
blink state.

We could also consider just having the touchpad be available for
wake-from-idle-sleep, and not the keyboard, since that way you
wouldn't have any side effects from the wakeup key.  But I think
having the side effects isn't a big deal, so I'd go with your
proposed (b).


- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb at laptop.org>
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