Java applets in Browse activity

Marcos Orfila morfila at
Sun Mar 21 19:53:18 EDT 2010

Hello everybody.

I'm volunteering at CeibalJAM [0].

I'm trying to make Java applets work in the Browse activity. I have seen in
[1] that Browse can handle Java applets.

I've created an activity called "Java" that packs the Sun JRE. The activity
is downloadable from [2]. The JRE gets installed in the following folder:


Then I created a symbolic link to the Java plugin in the "plugin" folder of
the Browse activity:

[olpc at xo-1E-5D-7A plugins]$ pwd
[olpc at xo-1E-5D-7A plugins]$ ln -s
[olpc at xo-1E-5D-7A plugins]$

I guess I have to do something else to make it work. Maybe something in the
"conf/mozpluggerrc" file?



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