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Sun Mar 14 18:59:37 EDT 2010


Thanks again for your talk to the support gang on Sunday.  It was very 

Some of the topics you discussed about usage differences between the 
teachers and children and the _very_ different views they have about 
keeping data made me think about a 1.5 discussion that has surfaced a 
few times.

It revolves around the division of space of the disk in 1.5.  We 
currently have  /boot and / in separate partitions.  There is discussion 
that we should continue and break /home out into its own partition as 
well.  There are various pros and cons associated with separation of 
system and user data.  A lot of these are based on how the developers 
think the system is used.  You of course have real world data on usage 
that is very valuable.

One con of separate partitions is that the amount of stuff a user can 
install via yum is now limited by the size of the system partition 
rather than by the available disk space because of yum limitations.

Based on your observations do you see that as a pro or con?  Is there a 
large amount of installation of non-sugar apps for Gnome in the F11-XO1 
images?  Sugar apps are installed in the user data so they would not 
suffer from the limit.

Do you think that breaking out /home into its own partition would help 
or hurt how Paraguay the folk are operating?  You discussed 3 very 
different user groups. Techs vs teachers vs children.

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