GNOME hesitance build 112

Paul Fox pgf at
Sun Mar 14 14:38:50 EDT 2010

sameer wrote:
 > Apps in GNOME on build 112 (most noticeable in FF) hesitate every 30
 > seconds or so. Its as if the keyboard/mouse pipeline backs up, clears
 > in about 3 seconds or so, and then works for the next 30 seconds.
 > I can keep typing, but the screen won't echo the characters for that
 > three second window, and then it all comes in quickly. Anybody else
 > see this?
 > I'm on build 112 XO 1.5 B2. Haven't noticed this on the Sugar side.

are you sure about the 30 second number?  could it be power
management kicking in?  does the power light flicker/go out at about
that time?  you could try disabling power management ("touch
/var/powerd-inhibit-suspend/1" is one way) and see if it keeps
happening.  (i'll be surprised if that's it, but...)

 paul fox, pgf at

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