q3a35 problem

Richard A. Smith richard at laptop.org
Thu Mar 11 14:17:19 EST 2010

On 03/11/2010 01:13 PM, Mikus Grinbergs wrote:

> What I do is to wait while 'flash u:\q3a35.rom' steps through writing,
> then steps through verifying, then restarts the XO-1.5.  When the power
> LED comes back on (automatically) I press the 'check' game button in
> order to have the boot process recognize that I want to use the ok
> prompt.  I release the 'check' button, and once the chime sounds I press
> <esc>.  That brings me to the ok prompt, at which I type in 'fs-update
> u:\os112.zd'.

You don't have to press the check button to "use" the ok prompt. 
Pressing <esc> when the chime sounds and it will drop to ok.

You can abuse the TS mfg tag to permanently disable pretty boot.  Pretty 
boot is disabled if TS != SHIP so:

ok change-tag TS show

will make pretty boot disabled always until you change the tag. 'show' 
can be any 4 letters it just has to be the same length as 'SHIP' or 
change-tag won't work.  Could could also delete-tag TS and then add-tag 
TS <somestring>.  Just don't use the strings 'SMT', 'ASSY, 'FINAL' or 
'RUNIN' as they will cause various stages of the manufacturing procedure 
to try and run.

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