Running SWF files standalone in Sugar? Simple Activity wrapper?

Gary C Martin gary at
Wed Mar 10 11:55:31 EST 2010

Hi Thomas,

On 10 Mar 2010, at 15:44, Thomas PLESSIS wrote:

> I've try this solution too, but it seems that it does not work perfectly with Adobe Flash player (as you said). My game is running, but there're no mouse interaction, no sounds, the introduction popup of the game didn't appears... 

I'm loosing track of the various iterations of Flash, can you publish your game for Flash 5? Version 5 should certainly run fine**, perhaps 6 should be ok also, published swf's above that I think you'd have a good chance of things breaking (but it probably depends just what fancy feature you're using).

**  I developed full time with Flash for about 4-5 years before getting utterly fed up with Macromedia/Adobe feature creep, compatibility breaks, and huge price jumps. I dumped most of their tool sets for more open/standards compliant work flows, so I've lost touch now.

Regarding sound, it's very lightly you are currently using a propriety audio codec on storing your sounds. Edit your swf publishing settings and set the sounds to use something like WAV – Gnash can legally support this without big companies trying to chase them down for royalty/licensing payments...

> Is there any way to run adobe air on OLPC? I've tried but installation does not work, i've some errors with "librpmbuild" library in the log file.

Sorry, pretty sure no way; and remember even if you did manage to install this dependancy somehow, no one else would have it (i.e. nobody would be able to run your game anyway).


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