aggressive suspend and yum...

Chris Ball cjb at
Wed Mar 10 10:46:01 EST 2010


   > Now that we can use aggressive suspend and wifi doesn't die, it
   > is great. Battery lasts, it suspends opportunistically, it's
   > excellent.

Good to hear.

   > Until you want to run yum. Or download something from Firefox,
   > wget or Browse.xo.

We should be waking on LAN activity.  Could you file a bug with a
testcase that results in the laptop staying in suspend when it should
be in the middle of a download?  Maybe Marvell can help us find out
what's up.

   > Do we have a workaround for that? The commandline tools could be
   > sorted with a "nosuspend" wrapper. Browse.xo and FF are a bit
   > harder.

Agreed on the "nosuspend" wrapper for yum.  Whenever we think about
telling the system something manually, though, we should also think
about whether it's possible for it to infer it automatically; I think
that's possible here.  You probably don't want the laptop to suspend
if you're in the middle of a sustained download, so perhaps we should
just teach it what a sustained download looks like.

Does anyone have a favorite method for returning the current
throughput on an interface?

   > Long term I guess the use case warrants a periodic wakeup to soak
   > up the pending packets from the AP (of from the Libertas device
   > if it's been awake). That's probably easier said than done...

Again, or just inhibiting suspend in the first place if the current
network transfer rate is significant.  We shouldn't need this wakeup,
though; the module already knows how to wake us up when there are new
packets for us, and should already be doing so.


- Chris.
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