OLPC Solar Mini-Talk Sunday Apr 4th; XO-1.5 Power Diags Summarized by Mch 27/28 Booklet Sprint

Holt holt at laptop.org
Sun Mar 7 09:45:48 EST 2010

1. Huge thanks to:
    Richard Smith, OLPC lead power engineer
    Robert Pilawa, MIT solar researcher: 
    Kim Quirk, NH solar engineer and vendor: http://EnergyEmp.com
    For participating in this very enLIGHTening forum -- Sunday Apr 4th, 
4PM Boston Time.  In-person or telephone attendance should both be 
possible; details to follow late March.

2. Meantime, anybody who critiques and fact-checks Layman Battery/Power 
Diagnostics for the XO-1.5, prior to our Mch 27/28 Washington, DC 
Booklet Sprint (http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Start , do join!) *Thanks in 
Advance* from Richard, Mike Lee and I who need your tips overhauling:

    Relevant background materials we need help sorting out, to create 
our much more concise "Getting Started" guide:

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