XO-1.5 keyboard

Paul Fox pgf at laptop.org
Fri Mar 5 17:51:58 EST 2010

john wrote:
 > > :-)  you're right -- it _is_ awesome.  wad seems to have mastered
 > > the art of getting the laptop to really go together right after
 > > the conversion.
 > One of the things I asked wad to improve when he was looking for
 > things to fix for the XO-1.5 was the incredible flakey keyboard.
 > Everyone knows when I type an email message on an XO, because it's
 > always so full of typos that it's just not worth going back to fix
 > them all.  One of my XOs has a CTRL key that would press itself at
 > random intervals, which was really fun under Sugar.  One would think
 > that a keyboard designer would make very sure that the shift-keys were
 > more reliable than the letter keys (since they get pressed a lot more
 > often), but in the XO-1 it was the opposite.  I eventually tried to
 > batter my way through the alleged OLPC parts-and-repair process (and
 > failed); but somebody nice took pity on me and mailed me a spare
 > keyboard.

heh -- i think that was me.  i think you have the keyboard that i
no longer needed after installing my USB version.  :-)   fwiw, i'm
under the impression that getting replacement parts isn't very
difficult these days.

 > Wad said improving the keyboard wasn't on the main program for 1.5 but
 > he'd see what he could do.  Did anything happen?

i recall that the keyboard density may have changed part way through
XO-1 production (near the time that the new touchpad was introduced?),
but i don't know that anything specific changed for 1.5.


 > 	John

 paul fox, pgf at laptop.org

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