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Emiliano Pastorino epastorino at
Tue Mar 2 09:00:34 EST 2010

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share with you this piece of software I wrote last year and have
been using here at Ceibal.
It's a GUI for Ricardo Carrano's<>

Extracted from the project's google code

> skybluetero analyzes tcpdump or wireshark captures and plots the airtime
> consumption of the filtered packets (using wireshark expressions).
> Some of its features:
>    - Plotting results using matplotlib, allows to save the plot as an
>    image.
>    - Multiple plot styles
>    - Save/Load filter expressions
>    - Export results to CSV
>    - *Many, many others to come...*
> I'm barely maintaining it since it is only used at Ceibal by a couple of
colleagues. They've reported a couple of bugs and I fixed them. That's it.
Maybe if someone else uses it, I may be able to upgrade it, maybe not.

Just wanted to let everyone know that you have this tool if you're analyzing
wireless traffic. You can download it

Send me comments, suggestions or bugs if you want.

Ing. Emiliano Pastorino
Plan Ceibal
Av. Italia 6201 CP: 11500, Montevideo, Uruguay
Tel: (598 2) 601 5773 int.: 2213
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