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Continuing on the tradition of "Keep confusion, yet again" thread

I was yesterday in a conf call with the PerĂº team, who had been
working with teachers and were reporting a "keep" bug on F11/S0.84

What was very clear was that both technical team and teachers were
confused about the keep button; and they were seeing a bug that
increased their confusion.

Steps to repro (as reported by PerĂº):

 0 - Imagine you are new to Sugar, and you expect "Keep" to mean Save

 1 - Open a new document in Write.xo -- write something in it

 2 - You are "going to save it" now, so quickly you...

 2.1 - Change the name from "Write Activity" to something meaningful...

 2.2 - Hit the 'Keep' button

 3 - WTH!? The name reverted back to "Write Activity"

 4 - WTH!? Looking at the Journal, now there are (a) 2 documents by
the name "Write Activity" and (b) none with your meaningful name

So here we have two separate bugs:

B1 - That we have a "Keep" button, labelled "Keep", that actually
creates a new document but retains the same document name.

B2 - What you can see between steps #2.1 and #2.2 -- if you wait a few
seconds between those steps, step #4 will show 2 documents with the
new name instead of 2 documents with the "old" name.

The clearest fix for B2 is to fix B1 in the first place... count this
email as a vote for cjb's patch here:

It probably needs to be complemented by an option in the Journal to
add a "duplicate this document", and Home View changes to make it
clearer/easier to open a new activity without reopening the last


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