F11-for-XO1.5 Release 10.1.1 Release Candidate 2

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Thu Jun 17 05:23:57 EDT 2010

On 15.06.2010, at 16:47, Paul Fox wrote:

> bert wrote:
>> On 14.06.2010, at 20:57, Paul Fox wrote:
>>> bert wrote:
>>>> On 14.06.2010, at 03:47, James Cameron wrote:
>>>>>> However, after letting the machine sit idle for a while (even just
>>>>>> after booting, still in the Sugar home screen), the whole machine
>>>>>> froze. Power LED was still on. Had to power-cycle. Does not happen all
>>>>>> the time, but twice already. Maybe it's my machine (one of the first
>>>>>> C-test ones)?
> your board is a B2.  ("OLPC board revision D1" -- confusing, i
> know.) so you'll need to keep power management off to keep your
> wlan alive in any case.
> your symptoms are definitely odd, though.
> can i assume you weren't having similar problems with previous
> releases?  it might be worth reinstalling whatever you were
> running before -- do you know what that was?

Well I didn't update in quite a while. Might have been from last year actually.

> there's one more technique for getting "last gasp" information in
> the case of a crash when you don't have serial.  switch to a VT,
> and enter "echo 9 > /proc/sys/kernel/printk" to enable full console
> logging.  let the machine die -- if it's a kernel panic or oops you
> should get a stack backtrace on the VT.  the bad news is that you'll
> only get the tail end of the backtrace, because the screen is small
> relative to the amount of data.
> paul

Strange. Haven't been able to reproduce now for two days ...

- Bert -

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