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El Wed, 16-06-2010 a las 08:19 -0400, Martin Langhoff escribió:

> > Indeed, some kids manage to do damage Sugar, with or without intention.
> > More frequently, they mess up the panel icons in ways that make it
> > difficult to restore functionality.
> Mess up the panel icons in Sugar or in Gnome?

In GNOME. If you try hard enough, apparently you can make some icons
become invisible and unreachable even though they're somewhere in the

> > Everyone, including teachers and teacher trainers, manages to fill up
> > the filesystem with large multimedia files downloaded from the Internet,
> > solowing down the system due to frequent jffs2 garbage collections.
> That has nothing to do with Gnome.

The problem is applications bypassing the journal: it becomes hard to
hunt down these files to reclaim the space.

> > In some cases, it's not the user's fault: various programs, including
> > Firefox and Browse, can hide up to 50MB of junk in dot-files. Clever
> > users managed to discover some of these locations and passed the word.
> Good to know. Still, not much to do with Gnome.

Yes, it's the individual applications, but it's hard for users to figure
out why the disk became full after using Firefox, and how to solve the

If users learn that deleting random dot files in their homes could fix
problems, there's a risk that they will try to delete them at random.

> Ok -- that's a good initial guide - thanks!

Let me know if you do some work in this direction, I'd be very
interested in joining efforts.

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