GNOME and protecting Sugar --

Chris Ball cjb at
Tue Jun 15 20:16:28 EDT 2010


   > Martin, is the deployment also worried about kids deleting
   > activities inside Sugar?  If so, it sounds like we want a general
   > undeletable flag set on ~/Activities/ (that the disk-full script
   > can bypass).  Doesn't seem to be a way to achieve that, though.

If we wanted to do this without caring about an upstreamed solution,
I'd probably suggest applying this:
and then doing "chattr -R +u /home/olpc/Activities" in the build
scripts, and "chattr -R -u /home/olpc/Activities/$i" in the disk space
cleanup script, just before deleting an activity when out of space.

(As the comments to the patch point out, this is an abuse of the
intended +u semantics.)

- Chris.
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