Am now getting a "zero dot" hang on my XO-1.5

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Fri Jun 11 13:38:09 EDT 2010

>  >  Now, whenever I boot, right after the line "Loading ramdisk image from
>  > /pci/sd at c/disk at 1:\boot/initrd.img ..." I get the message "General
>  > Protection Exception" - and the boot hangs.
>  > The problem is consistently repeatable.

Well, last night the problem was repeatable.  Today, it isn't happening
-- repeated reboots all work properly, without hanging.

[I have not made any changes that I know of to the XO-1.5 system between
last night and today.]

> so, what's the sequence for repeating?  once you clear the problem,
> how do you make it happen again?

What I did last night was to type in 'shutdown -r now', and wait for the
system to reboot itself.

IIRC, last night I also got the hang if I simply held the power button
to halt the system, then pressed the power button to start it up again.

[To be able to tell when the boot process stopped, I would press the
'check' game button after the screen had gone dark, and release that
button after the screen had again been lit -- but the hang was occurring
even if I had NOT deviated from the normal ("pretty") boot.]

I called this a "zero dot" hang because it looked quite similar to the
"one dot" hang that was discussed here.


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