Am now getting a "zero dot" hang on my XO-1.5

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Fri Jun 11 02:14:07 EDT 2010

Upgraded os125 to kernel 2.6.31_xo1.5-20100607.1740.1.olpc.ead3d3e.i586
 Now, whenever I boot, right after the line "Loading ramdisk image from
/pci/sd at c/disk at 1:\boot/initrd.img ..." I get the message "General
Protection Exception" - and the boot hangs.

The bypass is to do a complete reset (pull AC and battery for a bit),
and only then try the boot -- now the boot proceeds normally.

The problem is consistently repeatable.  I did not have the problew when
booting os125 with its original (month-old) kernel.  XO-1.5 B2.  Q3A39C.


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