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>>>> If possible, go for a minimum of 5 touch points capability, which is
>>>> what Apple has I think.
>> Yes, it would be good to keep in mind a likely use case where two children interact with one device screen (example, the various split screen piano apps on the iPad where two people can play face to face).
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>> P.S. Anyone have RDP working on an iPad with Sugar in a VirtualBox? I have it working OK via VNC for UI testing, but RDP would allow passing over audio, and allow the Sugar VM to be run headless.
> I believe itap is a very good RDP client for the ipad.

Thanks Peter.

Quick update, it's either itap or Desktop Connect. I've emailed both about Virtual Box support. itap folks kindly/honestly say VB is not yet properly supported, with some users reporting success but others reporting severe graphical problems — say they will officially support VB in a future release. Desktop Connect folks gave me a slightly open response of 'yes this should work fine with Desktop Connect V 2.0, please let us know if you experience any issues.'

[Damn, just been out for drinks with a whole swarm of iPad/iPhone developers, I knew there was something else I should have been picking their brains over]


> Peter

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