Carlos Nazareno object404 at
Tue Jun 8 04:20:55 EDT 2010

can't wait for this enough to happen.

Is it possible for this to arrive in the XO 1.75? Hope it's done a la
Notion Ink Adam w/ a Pixel Qi multitouch screen :)

Tablet mode on the XO just screamed for a touch interface. First
instinct when using it is to try to see if touchscreen worked :) it
gets a little awkward when you have to use the mouse in tablet mode

Anyway, that being said, F12 has multi-touch right? How many points
does it support?

If possible, go for a minimum of 5 touch points capability, which is
what Apple has I think.

I can't wait to play with multi-touch w/Flash 10.1 -- I want to make a
musical instrument/toy using multi-touch + Flash/AIR. FAQ on Flash
multi-touch: It supports any number of
touch points limited only by what the system allows.

Does anyone know how many inputs Android can recognize if that's where
XO-3 is going? (and possibly XO-1.75 if it's going to be an ARM


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