XO-1 build + Gnash update

Carlos Nazareno object404 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 6 16:30:44 EDT 2010

> Well, in Paraguay, I understand that it is an official build, as large
> deployments can sign their own builds.

Hi Walter! Thanks again, but I was thinking of global official builds
rather than localized builds like with Paraguay (even though from the
looks of things, it's the most advanced build right now?)

> I don't know the exact time
> frame for OLPC's official release of their F11 builds for the XO 1.0
> and XO 1.5, but I suspect it is going to happen soon. cjb will know.

Q: Does this mean that the Sugar-only builds are going to be
deprecated in favor of the F11 builds? (which seem to still have
issues and so do not qualify as "Stable builds" yet)

Back to the topic:

For those in charge of the official stable build:

Is it possible to just release a new official version of 802 with one
simple change -- just package the latest stable version of Gnash with
it? (I think Rob Savoye has such a build and has it working well).

This should help solve some of the Flash issues and should warrant a
little less complaints.



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