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Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Sat Jun 5 22:32:32 EDT 2010

> For those of you who've successfully installed AIR, can you email me
> ... with the steps you went through (and on which OS/image) so
> I can put it on the Wiki?

On XO:  rpm -ivh  air2_rc1_runtime_lin_051110.i386.rpm

Note:  I am a heavy user of 'yum' -- therefore I have made my system
yum-friendly.  That includes increasing the LAUGHABLY small tmpfs
allocations as found in current builds for the XO.  Plus, I have a
permanent swap partition, in case memory does get tight.

When I installed AIR, it did not ask for any additional dependencies.
That might be due to me already having installed various media
applications (which had added various packages to my systems).

[With the exception of some (unwanted by me) stuff in /etc, most
everything got put into /opt.]

I originally installed the air2 runtime rpm on os240py.  I then used
that runtime to install an .air sample application on that system.  Note
- in Sugar, the .air application used only part of the XO-1 screen.

I then installed the air2 runtime rpm on os125.  I only *copied* the
.air application directory to the os125 system, without using the air
runtime to "install" it there (I'm not interested in setting up for the
GNOME display).  This time, the .air application used all of the XO-1.5
screen.  [And when I closed that application, the gray circle that
represented its session in Frame - was left behind (non-deletable).]

Bottom line:  aside from dreadfully cluttering up my system, in my case
the installation of AIR on the XO presented no difficulties.


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