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Dear all,
Thank you for your comments on the malaria game. I'm new to sugar and well
python/pygame as a whole so your feedback is appreciated- I'm a bit of a java
person so any technical tips are appreciated. I have uploaded the code to:
Please forgive my poor "python-ness" in terms of structuring the code :/

"It basically worked, although the first game didn't seem
to run"
Did it crash or was the instruction screen still there? Did you hover the mouse
over the canvas? It should come up with a black screen with a small window
following a mosquito where the mouse is pointed. I will change the timer so that
the instruction screen goes straight into the game.
"it wasn't clear how to play the second game."
Thanks for this, again I think the way the screens are timed means that the
instruction screen is being hidden. I will try to fix this. Hopefully the
mosquito swatting worked?
"There was an X error part-way through noted in the log file and journal entry
didn't save properly."
I think this may have something to do with the pygame event loop not terminating
properly on exit. I am really stuck on this one! Perhaps someone may spot clues
in my code?
Due to my lack of skills with pygame I was not able to override read_file and
write_file correctly so it will not save on exit. However it should save when
the save and load buttons are clicked on the taskbar. I hope this is worked for
"Out of curiosity, who is behind this project? An organization/university?"
We are called WorldClassProject. and are based
at a UK university. Although, we aim to become a "official" non-profit
organization as we get more content and support. We have a few illustrators and
sometimes get advice from some NGO's.
"It would be great to also educate about the importance of avoiding
still water (a breeding site for mosquitos)" - That is excellent advice! I will
add a new screen at the end to this effect. In the next release I want to add
maps of Malaria endemic regions and think it would be great to add information
about dengue.
Thank you once again, if anyone can offer any advice on my code -without
suggesting a complete re-write :) - I would be grateful!
World Class Project
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