nandblaster on XO 1.5

German Ruiz germanrs at
Sat Jul 31 13:30:18 EDT 2010

Today here in Nicaragua i downloaded the latest firmware q3a47 and try the
nandblaster, here my experiences

i have 2 xo 1.5, they have installed the q3a47 firmware, and also we try the
latest image for XO 1.5 os303.zd...

the first step that i made was go to the ok promt (at the XO server) and
type nb-tx u:\os303.zd and i get the next message

max transmit speed: (congestion dependent)
channel:  1 marvel-get-mac-address failed

i don't know what it does it mean..

then i turn off the XO server, and try again

nb-tx u:\os303.zd

and... it works, the other XO 1.5 client takes 40 minutes to copy and
install the image...

so we are happy for nandblaster


German R S
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