Collection key vs Q2E44 (and Q3A41?)

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at
Thu Jul 29 14:13:54 EDT 2010

Hi Mitch, list,

I am running a sn/uuid collection across XOs that I have here.

The USB flash disks I have available are very bad quality.

XO-1 hw running Q2D17 or Q2E41 mostly succeeds (varies with USB quality).

XO-1 with Q2E43 or 44, and XO-1.5 with Q3A41 have failed in all cases.
The best USB stick I have works well with the four-finger-salute for
OS reinstall, but is not recognised for this task.

Maybe the mechanism that bootstraps the collection key is broken?
(IIRC, scanning U:\boot\{run,act}


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