Idle suspend instabilities on XO-1

Elissa Carmichael elissajean at
Sat Jul 24 15:26:28 EDT 2010

On Jul 24, 2010, at 3:21 PM, Elissa Carmichael wrote:

> Hello
> On Jul 24, 2010, at 10:35 AM, Daniel Drake wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm happy that we experimented but I think it's too early to turn on
>> idle suspend on the XO-1 builds, like we have attempted for 10.1.2.
>> Mouse wakeups do not work well
> key tap wake-up works around touchpad 
>> XO loses association during idle suspend (and host has no way of
>> knowing, at least until we have some Marvell intervention). I'm seeing
>> this often and its really annoying.
>> The delay is also a bit uncomfortable when resuming. Bernie reported
>> that this caused users in the field to report that the touchpad was
>> hanging now and then. Also saw an identical report here in nicaragua
>> from someone on 8.2.1 who accidently turned power management on.
>> Also, I am seeing on multiple machines that the system oftend crashes
>> during resume. But I have not yet managed to capture this on the
>> serial console (the bug seems to mysteriously evade whatever system
>> that I have the console connected to).
> hello, I have been able to reproduce similar sounding issue where when suspend starts with an open activity a full battery drains very quickly - as in minutes.  Suspend with no activity battery lasts for hours.   tested a few different activities one each at a time and they seemed to drain the battery with varied quickness.  
>> (the good news is that either way, this build will be released with
>> olpc-os-builder, meaning that its easy for deployments to change the
>> default that OLPC chooses)
> without requiring a developer key and deploying unsigned builds easier? 
>> Daniel
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