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I would like to understand the correct procedure to share and invite a
Memorize game that has been created on an XO. Whenever we try this it is
very difficult to make it work. Using XO-1.0 / 8.2.1 and Memorize-34


1.       Create, name and save a game adding matching pairs of photos from
the journal, matched to words (text).

2.       Try to invite or share with others. On the XOs that have joined,
the game area remains blank (black) and nothing seems to load further

3.       We tried uploading to the serve r (site files) and pre-loading the
game on other XOs and retrying. No result


I have done this successfully in the past (i.e. transfer a newly created
game to others) but cannot reliable replicate. 


It would seem to be a standard sort of thing to do with Memorize so is it
the wrong version for the build/XO that we are using?


We also note that when you save a Memorize game it does not give it a file
extension/type icon and thus does not load from the journal - you have to
"load" the game from within Memorize. Have we lost something in the mix with
that too?


David Leeming

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