os206 - slow data transfers

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Wed Jul 21 15:26:25 EDT 2010

I question whether "measurements" can be easily reproduced.  And when I
do not know how these measurements will clarify the situation, I can't
help but to think of "make work".

> what specific ethernet dongle were you using


> what does top say? In particular, what are the percentages
> of system (sy), i/o wait (wa) and irq servicing (hi)?

Download from http://download.laptop.org onto USB stick ext3 filesystem:

  On the XO-1.5 (data transfer slower than on XO-1):

    sy:  usually in the range 4%-6%;  at beginning and end, was 6%-12%

    wa:  usually in the range 0%-3%;  might spike to high double digits

    hi:  usually in the range 0.0%-0.6%;  mostly at 0.0%

  On the XO-1 (data transfer faster than on XO-1.5):

    sy:  usually in the range 2%-4%;  occasionally higher

    wa:  usually in the range 3%-9%;  might spike to mid double digits

    hi   usually in the range 0.0%-1.0%;  mostly at 0.3%


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