devel announce list; publicizing major software & firmware updates

Samuel Klein sj at
Mon Jul 19 17:32:03 EDT 2010

We have a devel-announce list that hasn't been much used.  We also
have many people who are interested in getting news about any major
release or security update, but don't have time to read all of the
traffic that goes to devel.

Reuben, Paul and I were discussing this earlier today; I would be
happy to see more people using devel-announce to publicize major
updates.  As there is some demand for this kind of low-traffic list,
if you are interested in that information, please sign up.

I also want to remind people of the Latest Releases infobox on the
wiki homepage.  Please update this information if you publish a new
stable release for any platform, or a new firmware release.  Wiki
admins can edit that information by following the "+/-" link in the
lower right-hand corner.


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