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El Fri, 16-07-2010 a las 11:37 -0700, Jon Nettleton escribió:

> If dracut is mounting the the /home partition then it is being mounted
> before / is mounted RW and thus won't be entered in /etc/mtab by
> rc.sysinit.  There is code in rc.sysinit that once the root filesystem
> is mounted rw /etc/mtab is updated with the mount information for it
> and the other usual filesystems that have been mounted for the initial
> boot process, ( /proc, /sys /dev/pts /dev/shm /proc/bus/usb )

(off-topic but probably interesting to readers of this thread)

A few years ago, David Woodhouse and myself tried to kill this source
confusion by replacing /etc/mtab with a symlink to /proc/mounts.

It turned out that a separate /etc/mtab was needed by mount to track
loop devices. We solved the issue with a different approach:

> Is there a particular reason you want /home mounted before the system
> initialization and filesystem check is done?

If /home doesn't contain something necessary in order to mount the root
filesystem, it would be much easier to mount it from a regular init

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