New XO-1 10.1.2 build 301

Chris Ball cjb at
Wed Jul 14 18:39:27 EDT 2010

Compressed image size: 595.62mb (+62.88mb since build 300)

Description of changes in this build:

* #10207, powerd: Fix wake on LAN
* #10208, kernel: Fix "disable wlan" control panel
* #10209, sugar:  Fix "Start" menu item on activity palette in Sugar
* #10211, NetworkManager: Fix sporadic mesh connection failure
* #10214, kernel: Fix gstreamer segfault when using Record
* #10221, kernel: Fix wlan activity LEDs
* #10219, Browse: Re-add standard content bundles
* #10228, kernel: Fix screen blanking events on the VT
* Set nautilus to "browser mode" by default
* Turn on idle-suspend by default
* Temporarily disable pretty boot, to diagnose boot hangs like #9100

Package changes since build 300:


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