Trac#10232: WiFi dies on suspended XO-1, os300

Hal Murray hmurray at
Wed Jul 14 16:27:37 EDT 2010

A simple edit makes suspend/wakeup from WiFi work on XO-1 running os300.   So 
I've been testing it.  It works most of the time, but occasionally stops 
waking up from WiFi.  Wakeup from touchpad works fine.

I just submitted
Text below.

I've got a stuck case in front of me.  Is there anything I should type at it 
to collect more info before I reboot?

----------- has the recipe to make suspend work on
 (delete the "a" from "ethtool -s eth0 wol ua" in /usr/sbin/powerd)

 So I've been testing it.

 It works most of the time, but occasionally wakeup from WiFi stops

 I know about wakeup on arp not working.  I can work around that by
 hardwiring that slot into the arp cache on my PC.

 I saw it stop working a couple times a few days ago.  I think the WiFi LED
 was still on, but I'm not sure.  I'm pretty sure it recovered when I poked
 the touchpad.  This would match arp not working, but I had the cache
 setup...  Mumble.  Both times happened while I was ssh-ed in.

 I've got a stuck case right now.  That was after working fine
 for several days of light traffic.  (I'm running a fake ntpd server so I
 can monitor the clock.  So it's the XO is seeing the UDP equivalent of a
 ping every 5 minutes from two sources.)

 The WiFi LED is off.  It blinks when I wake it up by poking the touchpad,
 but the LED stays off and ping doesn't work.

 ifconfig says eth0 and msh0 are up.  I've grabbed a copy of
 /var/log/messages but I don't see anything interesting in there.

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