In 2 Hrs! "Virtual Field Trip Realness (Classrooms ain't in Kansas Nomore)"

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Sun Jul 11 13:59:38 EDT 2010

Speaker's PDF slides:

Please join us in 2 hrs (4PM Sunday, Eastern Time in Boston/NYC) by calling:

    +1 (712) 432-3030
    Conference Code: 637497

Live Chat Backchannel: (that's *#olpc-help* on

    *Sunday July 11 - Virtual Field Trip Realness (Classrooms ain't in
    Kansas Nomore)*
    By Laura Susan Bell, Virtual Field Trip Facilitator & OLPC Support

        Laura will explain how she administers classrooms in Upper NY State,
        taking her students on virtual field trips will real-live NASA
    engineers etc,
        who ship her in-classroom supplies in-advance to dramatically
    liven the
        experience for all kids.

    *Sunday July 18 - Eleven Years Deploying Computers in South African
    By Alan Field & Donna Wainwright, in person at OLPC in Cambridge, MA.

        Alan will discuss the many deep lessons he's learned along the
    way, over
        the 11 years he and his wife Donna have spent teaching &
    training using
        Macs across 30 schools 300KM SE of Johannesburg.  Towards both
        "Creative Learning" and "Drill and K^hThrill" -- come learn some
        and vital lessons on where Mandela's post-World Cup nation is

    *Sunday July 25 NOON - East Africa and West Africa OLPC Community
    Public Brunch*
    NYC/Bronx Location announced hereunder -- plz RSVP now to holt @
    laptop dot org, thx!

    *Sunday Aug 1 - From Viet Cong to Venture Capital to Vietnam
    Community (TENTATIVE)*
    Location/Parti-Pants to be announced.

        How has OLPC's Vietnam Community progressed so far, so fast, in
    just 1 year?
    Sunday Aug 8 - What's Really Happening in India, at the Grassroots
    Level? (TENTATIVE)
    *Locations to be announced.

        The astonishing number of volunteers and informal community projects
        in India makes it hard to keep track of them all.  Professor
    Sameer Verma
        in San Francisco will explain how these amazing community volunteers
        and corporate professionals scattered across the Indian subcontinent
        can now take their contributions to the next level.

/REMINDER: while meetings are generally for OLPC volunteers/staff only, 
accompanying friends are welcome if personally introduce, and are 
willing to help Make S---^h^h^hUPPORT Happen!!/
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